Saturday, October 29, 2011

November Craft fair coming up!

We're happy to announce we're going to be at the New Kingstown Fire Company's Annual Craft fair! It's an indoor event that kicks off Sat, November 5th and runs 8AM - 2PM their address is: 277 N. Locust Point Rd, New Kingstown, PA 17072. There is no cost to get in there will be handmade wonders, food, and a few games. We'll be in the fire houses engine area!

Me and my sister are so exited we'll also be bringing alot of new jewelry pieces those of you who know us in Mechanicsburg also know we preview our latest designs and you'll also see items that will never be featured on site so live shows are really the only place to buy some of our items!

We've got brandnew fairy, tudor, gothic, steampunk, and bridal designs making their first appearance to the public and only a portion of these will make it to our Etsy store. We'd love to see you all there!

To read more into the New Kingstown Fire Company drop by their site:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Updates added!

We've updated our how to section with easy tips on photography! And we've added TONS more items to our Etsy store!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free ship October has begun!

( To see more of our jewelry go Here )

That's right our free shipping for October has begun, no codes to remember you just shop! October is a great time to get holiday gifts but to also get lovely items for the new year! We've been on Etsy now for 2 years and like last year we've brought back our free shipping offer it covers all items and we'll ship world wide for free! So come by the store at:

Monday, October 3, 2011

A new face at Shamble Ramble

Those logging onto the site may’ve noticed a change…we have a model showing off some of our looks as we begin the first step of several to change Shamble Ramble for the better. We’d like to introduce you to a few who are helping to make that happen.

The woodland maiden

Jerika is her name she is a radiant red head who like us is a Jane of all trades. Jerika is a model, gym teacher, and talented painter. When me and Nicole first decided to shoot our woodland fairy collection with another model we found out working with live people could be a challenge. Weather and schedule changes nearly thwarted our effects and then we had to find a new model and that’s when we found Jerika.

Hailing from Middletown, PA, she was gracious to volunteer to be our woodland fairy model on very short notice, she loved the idea of the project and between me, Nicole, the photographer Adriane, and Jerika we pulled together some great looks. Jerika showed her versatility and became a huntress, fairy, and fairytale maiden all in one day and she did it all while being mobbed by mosquitoes!

The woodland spot we chose was perfect for the setting but the mosquitoes were a whole nother thing! They were completely unhappy with our presence and showed it! But both Jerika and our photographer Adriane owner of Wraven Design were up for the task, they struck back with professionalism mixed with a bit of humor to brave our unwanted fans!

The Wraven arrives:

Our magic maker of the day was Adriane she’s the owner and photographer of Wraven Design right here in Lemoyne, PA! Her home based studio is not far off of Market Street and is easy to get to. She’s done photographs for weddings, bands, students, along with boudoir and gothic, we loved her portfolio and knew she’d do well with our new look.

Adriane volunteered her camera, time, and talent along with dresses, and corset for Jerika’s look. She was unfazed by the mosquitoes as her eyes stayed trained on her subject, her hands were steady as our enemies swarmed around and bit by the end of the day our talented duo won the day with some great photos!

With all the delays leading up to our woodland shoot Adriane was able to adapted quickly and adjust her own schedule fast to insure we’d finish this project with success! Thanks to both Jerika and Adriane we have great new photos for our site!

Adriane of Wraven Design and Jerika our model were great and gracious for helping us with a new direction for Shamble Ramble and they’re both looking for new adventures for their trades:

Here's how to contact them for assignments!

 If you are in need of a model to show off your wares Jerika can be contacted at her site found here:

To see more of Jerika’s portfolio go here:

Wraven Design

If you’re in need of a talented photographer or photo editor Adriane’s skill is available and she can be contacted through her Wraven Design site found here:

To see even more of her talented works you can checkout Wraven Design on facebook:

And on Model Mayhem:


Next in our New looks series: The Pirate (coming soon)……………


Here are a few more images from the shoot!

Shots from Wraven Design:

Our Photos: