Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fairy fashions

Those of you who know us know we love making fun fashions amongst those are woodland fairy theme. I've even been drawing alot of fairy related fashions in my illustration works. So for a change I wanted to show off some of the fairy finds I'm in love with around the web!


I love both of these by TrendLightGear. I couldn't pick just one, the amazing craftsmanship they've gone into these boots is simply amazing!

To get more info go: HERE

To get more info go here: HERE


I love masks, these two are perfect for a fairy going to a masquerade.

Beautiful handmade mask by: Beadmask - to see more great styles go HERE

Those detailed design is handmade by: MysticalDesigns - to find out more go: HERE


There are many whimsical fantasy tops that are great out there but here are just a few.

By: Fairyfloss they've got a unique look for factory produced pieces. To learn more go here: HERE

Handmade by: AliceandWillow - To learn more about this beautiful corset go: HERE

A unique feather top by: FeathersofArtemis - to learn more go HERE


Normally I'm not the one for hats and headgear but these beauties are an exception. Amazingly detailed and crafted these are very unique.

By: SpinningCastle - To see more of their amazing work go: HERE

By: FeatheryLeathery - To learn more go HERE

Full Costumes:

But let's face it, sometimes you don't want to go to 80 stores to get that outfit! Check out these outfits

By: Vintageduck - Theses guys can custom make fairy outfits for both kids and adults! To learn more go: HERE

Handmade By: FairyNanaLand - To see more of their lovely designs go: HERE
 I hope you all enjoy my picks and hope to see you around the web!