Hearth and Home

Hello everyone, my name is Nicole. I wanted to introduce my self and my family as I intend to be blogging about them under our hearth and home section. I don't consider myself to be a "blogger" this is my first blog ever and so far I have only added a handful of posts. I do consider myself a quiet person in life who is just dyeing to be heard.

I have taken on allot of new rolls over the past year in my life, besides starting a jewelry and craft business with my sister, I have also decided to take charge of my eldest son's education and so I started home schooling him. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an artist, I took every art course in school, chose to go to a Vo-Tech in high school for commercial arts, and then went on to college for multimedia design. If you asked me then what I wanted to be when I grew up, the last thing, and I mean the very last, would have been a teacher. I have to say home schooling is like going back to school yourself, you lean so much about yourself and your child, but more on that later. So the last year for me has been full of new directions and new ideas.

I am married to my "high school sweetheart" Paul. I call him that, we did not go to the same school, but we were both in high school when we met. I believe in love at first site because I have experienced it, when I first saw him I know, I just knew he was "the one".

We have been blessed with two boys, Korbin and Tyler who are as different from each other as night and day. So it's a challenge to attain a little peace and unity in our family, but family is very important to me.

My sister Stacey is also a very important person in my life. We have been together since I was 3 years old. At first I did not appreciate the gift that the Lord sent me, I remember when I first saw her thinking she was big enough to fit inside a shoe box in the closet. And then when she was old enough to follow me around I couldn't get rid of her, but as we grew older we grew closer and today I can't imagine my life with out her.

And last but not least in our family, are the pets. We have 3 Pomeranians, Cinnamon (Cinny), Buddha (Bu), and Belladonna (Bella). Recently we have added a cricket, thanks to my son Tyler, and a baby bird, thanks to by son Korbin.

We all live together as so as you can imagine it gets very loud and chaotic around here some times, but that is the spice of life. So I hope you enjoy hearing our many stories over the coming years, as we grow in our business and in our family.

Thanks for stopping by,