Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's alive!

So for my birthday I decide to take our second store and make it be alive! Now we have two stores! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to sell in a second venue and reach a wider audience who may not be familiar with etsy and when we found jewelry wonder we couldn't resist giving it a go. The JW site will sell more of our unique pieces and will also sell jewelry, sewing, and other supplies as we find them sometimes me and my sister find wonderful things that we just can't use but at the same time just can't say no to so JW will be selling these unique treasures to those creative people who would give them a happy home and purpose with in their own collections! Our proud new site is: http://www.jewelrywonder.com/shambleramble

We will still always update and stay with our Shamble Ramble site on Etsy but JW is giving us new range of people to meet so we can share our creativity with more onliners with both sites!

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