Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The snow is melting!

I love the fact my yard is clear of snow! Sure it's yellow, sure its nearly dead, but it's a lawn! And that means spring is finally on it's way! I don't know about you but I can't wait for market! I can't wait to be in the air, amongst the crowds, and ogling over the neatest trinkets! Winter was fun with the ice glazing over the fallen snow but I'm ready to move out into the green open world once more!

But I must confess being trapped in one's studio has it's advantages! I've been beading up a storm and sewing too! More then one woman should I'm sure! My sisters beginning to think it's an obsession on my part but it's a great way to pass the winter bye and keep my mind thinking spring! I've updated our getting down to business section with lovely treats for spring.

I've also made Nicole a unique spring time gift one that isn't Easter related but screams spring! I recently learned how to make a tree decor! Using a beautiful cup, and various crafting supplies I created a blooming tree and lush green base! She loved it and I want to make more for around the house to brighten up the place perhaps if I remember the camera this time I can get a brand new tutorial up!

Another exiting adventure we're in the process of opening up a new store! We plan to not only sell jewelry but also crafting supplies as well! Me or Nicole will post the site once its all ready! So far to say it's in the oven!

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