Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost show time!

So we've got a little less then a week till Roc Con which will be held Sunday October 28th at the Holiday Inn & Conference Center in New Cumberland PA ( their site ) and we're excited to attend this anime, sci fi, and comic book con! I finally got Nicole into wearing a costume which to me is half the fun of a convention! I love any excuses to dress in my creative attire and being at a convention in costume is a great way to do that! Roc Con is a New York convention that has come to the Harrisburg area!

When I heard an anime, sci fi, and comic book convention was coming to our area I had to be a vendor I mostly have to go to Maryland to enjoy such events and Roc Con says they're trying for big convention expectations. A recent guest they announced was make up artist John Paladin he'll be turning a con goer into a Klingon which is always cool not to mention some Klingon weapons instructions will be showing up as well! To see Roc Con's event schedules go HERE

As a vendor I'm excited to see who will be in costume too and what they will be givin that this event is covering a wide range of mediums it will be exciting I'll also have to resist my urge to have to take photos of the most innovative costumes I can find! But Shamble Ramble will be there with all our jewelry styles steampunk, gothic, rennisance, bridal, woodland and more! We're also bringing along some items we call our fun line which will have handmade tile necklaces, hair falls, and other con friendly items! I won't spoil what our fun line holds so you'll all have to come by and see for yourself!

Roc Con's tickets are also reasonably priced for this one day event at only $5.00 per person! There is no reason not to come by and check it out on Sunday October 28th the doors open to the public at 10AM and the con runs till 6PM at the Holiday Inn & Conference Center in New Cumberland PA to learn more about the con that I didn't mention or to buy your tickets online go HERE