Monday, November 5, 2012

Roc Con's over but it was fun!

So despite the storm was due to set in on the same day as Roc Con kicked off we still a had a lot of con goers and costumes! Some of the memorable costumes I saw while at our booth was Buba Fett in handmade armor, the dark night's Batman, we had two doctors on staff one from Doctor Who and the other from Assassins Creed complete with beak mask and others!

The con goes had lots of fun during the Uncle Yo performances, and the cosplay costume contest, along with the video game room! Our youngest Tyler cleaned house prize wise! He proudly won the cosplay contest for his personal interpretational outfit of a Fallout 3 Raider complete with handmade steampunk style blaster! Then he surprised everyone when he won again at the Rising Phoenix Productions give away! He was so happy he said it was his lucky day!

For our booth we had lots of our works for sale steampunk, gothic, victorian, woodland, and we had some con only items like hairfalls, snowpals, and exclusive mini framed home decor. Nicole surprised me by a costume she was a pirate with pirate hairfalls and me I switched mid day I  spent half the con in my steampunk attire with steampunk hairfalls and then I switched over to my handmade Ezio costume. We had lots of guest to our booth and the dealers room itself was a buzz with all the happy energy of the con. Our friends over at Hole in the Ground Productions when the crowds got slow because of them being at all the panels and events would run their handmade electrical cubes around the place like a race track chasing anyone who dared challenged them! We recommended he make a Darlek for future dealer room conquests! We appreciate everyone who showed up and the con's coordinator said they would be back next year and for a longer time frame! So we look forward to the Con's return.

Here are some images of the event!

Oh my gosh Nicole actually dressed up!

Me (Stacey) Steampunk style

Our boys and Bubba Fett

Paul as a Zombie Hunter

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost show time!

So we've got a little less then a week till Roc Con which will be held Sunday October 28th at the Holiday Inn & Conference Center in New Cumberland PA ( their site ) and we're excited to attend this anime, sci fi, and comic book con! I finally got Nicole into wearing a costume which to me is half the fun of a convention! I love any excuses to dress in my creative attire and being at a convention in costume is a great way to do that! Roc Con is a New York convention that has come to the Harrisburg area!

When I heard an anime, sci fi, and comic book convention was coming to our area I had to be a vendor I mostly have to go to Maryland to enjoy such events and Roc Con says they're trying for big convention expectations. A recent guest they announced was make up artist John Paladin he'll be turning a con goer into a Klingon which is always cool not to mention some Klingon weapons instructions will be showing up as well! To see Roc Con's event schedules go HERE

As a vendor I'm excited to see who will be in costume too and what they will be givin that this event is covering a wide range of mediums it will be exciting I'll also have to resist my urge to have to take photos of the most innovative costumes I can find! But Shamble Ramble will be there with all our jewelry styles steampunk, gothic, rennisance, bridal, woodland and more! We're also bringing along some items we call our fun line which will have handmade tile necklaces, hair falls, and other con friendly items! I won't spoil what our fun line holds so you'll all have to come by and see for yourself!

Roc Con's tickets are also reasonably priced for this one day event at only $5.00 per person! There is no reason not to come by and check it out on Sunday October 28th the doors open to the public at 10AM and the con runs till 6PM at the Holiday Inn & Conference Center in New Cumberland PA to learn more about the con that I didn't mention or to buy your tickets online go HERE

Friday, August 31, 2012

Gearing up for Roc Con!

To see more of our works go Here

We're making loads of new items in the catigories of bridal, steampunk, rennisance, upcycle, woodland, pirate, fairy, and gothic styles for the show.

We're also making 3 advent calander trees that are even more amazing then the last two we made, these calanders aren't your typical hang on the wall style these are 3D trees that lights up with creepy moss, bones, and handmade decopauged tiles that are daul side one solid Halloween images the other numbers and with no year specified these beaufiful trees can be used year round below is just one of two styles that will be shown and available for purchase at Roc Con!

Now accpting new payment options!

Hey everyone I wanted to give an update we're now accepting credit cards via Etsy! So if you ever wanted to buy from us but didn't want to use or didn't have paypal now you can in just as a secure manner!

Friday, July 27, 2012

We're going to Roc Con! New Cumberland's first ever con!

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Ok we love cons here at Shamble Ramble, what isn't to love? Costumes, surprising events, great guest, and loads of things to do the only problems with conventions is the fact they aren't in PA! We've gone to several in Maryland and Virginina but for once someone decided to give PA a try and not just PA but New Cumberland/Harrisburg area. We had to sign up on that alone it's called Roc Con they called it Roc due to the fact they started in Rockchester, NY.

We're exited for this one day con and if it is a success the staff planner told us they'd like to come next year and up the days this con is a trial for them to see if they can get a response so those reading give them that response! Tickets are very reasonable $5 - up. It'll be held at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg West 248 Sheraton Dr. in New Cumberland Sunday, Oct 28th ONLY. Their site for ticket and more information go to Roc con's site!

We're going to be there too in the dealer's room selling our unique jewelry with styles from our steampunk, woodland, bridal, gothic, and rennisance lines! I'll be in costume and I'm trying to convince my Nicole to do the same! If you want to help me leave a comment here to encourage her!

Our friends over at Rising Phoenix Productions (The Movie site and Their site) will be showing their movie at the event and our friends from Hole In The Ground Productions will be there with their ingenious wares like the Ghost Buster's Pack and other handmade items! Their site here

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We've been featured!

Read up: HERE

One of our works has been featured in the grand re-opening of The Fashion Insider's blog! Her brand new site called Blabber Quene is clean, trendy, and very fashionable! She's featuring our royal purple cabochon choker in a stunning goddess style dress! She's a friendly and fun blogger with her own unique fashion sense! To check out her articles on everything fashion and her article on Shamble Ramble go to:

And don't forget to post a congratulations to Kim on her fabulous re-opening!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Steampunk Glaore

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It's been a while sense I've gotten a chance to update the blog! We've been working to make new items for the shop, get shows secured, and take care of puppies! That's right we've got another litter the last bunch were cute, these ones are little clones of their parents!

We've added several awesome steampunk and vintage style items to our shop's inventory! And with plans to add more if you love steampunk and are looking for more unique pieces to add to your own collection feel free to use the link and stop on by the store! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Our upcomming May show!

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Hey we've got some great news! We've been confirmed as vendors for the New Cumberland Community and Garden Fair! It's going to be on Saterday May 5th from 9 AM - 2PM and located on 3rd street! The event will have free food and entertainment and 3rd street will be completely blocked off to cars so all can enjoy the day!

Shamble Ramble will be located closer to Bridge Street so if you come right off that street you'll see us first, if however you come from Market Street you may see us last! But either way we'd love to see and chat with you!

We'll be bringing a selection of our Steampunk, Woodland, Renaissance, Bridal, Fairy, and Gothic styles some are live show only pieces!

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Arrivals!

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After a brief hiatus Shamble Ramble is back up along with our reopening we've got some great jewelry added and we plan to add more over the month of February! We're going for some bold, unique, unforgettable styles so be sure to check back often below are just a few of our latest adds!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Now through Feb 7, 2012 we're offering a rare sale! Get free shipping world wide on your entire order! The entire site is available for this event both our jewelry and home decor accents. Click the blue link below be go to our shop!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New products for the new year!

( To see more of our jewelry products go: HERE )

2012 is here and for the new year we've added new products to our site! Steampunk, fairy, bridal, vintage theme and more! We've been uploading a lot of brand new creative styles to check them out come by the store!