Monday, November 5, 2012

Roc Con's over but it was fun!

So despite the storm was due to set in on the same day as Roc Con kicked off we still a had a lot of con goers and costumes! Some of the memorable costumes I saw while at our booth was Buba Fett in handmade armor, the dark night's Batman, we had two doctors on staff one from Doctor Who and the other from Assassins Creed complete with beak mask and others!

The con goes had lots of fun during the Uncle Yo performances, and the cosplay costume contest, along with the video game room! Our youngest Tyler cleaned house prize wise! He proudly won the cosplay contest for his personal interpretational outfit of a Fallout 3 Raider complete with handmade steampunk style blaster! Then he surprised everyone when he won again at the Rising Phoenix Productions give away! He was so happy he said it was his lucky day!

For our booth we had lots of our works for sale steampunk, gothic, victorian, woodland, and we had some con only items like hairfalls, snowpals, and exclusive mini framed home decor. Nicole surprised me by a costume she was a pirate with pirate hairfalls and me I switched mid day I  spent half the con in my steampunk attire with steampunk hairfalls and then I switched over to my handmade Ezio costume. We had lots of guest to our booth and the dealers room itself was a buzz with all the happy energy of the con. Our friends over at Hole in the Ground Productions when the crowds got slow because of them being at all the panels and events would run their handmade electrical cubes around the place like a race track chasing anyone who dared challenged them! We recommended he make a Darlek for future dealer room conquests! We appreciate everyone who showed up and the con's coordinator said they would be back next year and for a longer time frame! So we look forward to the Con's return.

Here are some images of the event!

Oh my gosh Nicole actually dressed up!

Me (Stacey) Steampunk style

Our boys and Bubba Fett

Paul as a Zombie Hunter