Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wildwood, NJ Days 3 &4 - Beach Daze

Wow, I am beached out already. We've spent the past 2 days on the beach and boardwalk or in the pool. The weather has been perfect over the past 2 days, in the 80's with this wonderfully cool ocean breeze so you never get hot. I could spend all day here just sitting watching the waves and enjoying that breeze.

Yesterday we enjoyed the beach right in front of the condo we are staying in on Magnolia Ave. We're only a block and a half from the boardwalk which is great, you can walk out the front door and be there in about 60 seconds. The drawback is that the beach is so far away from the boardwalk here. It's like crossing a dessert to reach it, our first day out it felt like a mirage, you could see it in the distance, but it felt like no matter how far you walked you were never going to reach it.
So today we tried driving further down the island past where the boardwalk ends and all the hotels are beach front. We parked on Rambler Rd. around the 7100 block where it was a much shorter walk to the water, plus there was a nice wooden walkway that stretched more than halfway down.
There we found a large warm tidal pool, with a few schools of minnows swimming through that had gotten stuck there at low tide. The boys found some nice shells and a hermit crab in there.

While strolling on the beach, I noticed these cute little birds, that would wank around the wet sand looking for anything the waives may have washed ashore, but then scurry out of the way of on coming waives.

The beaches here are very clean and it's a great family friendly atmosphere. There were also several dogs on the beach today, we watched a lab enjoy dashing into the waves to get his ball. It was quite entertaining for the kids to watch. We saw lots of families with young children especially here, I haven't notices as many school aged kids since it's the beginning of the school year. That is what makes it particularly nice, because the beaches and the boardwalk are not crowded. It's like living in a quiet little beach town, when we get in the car to just drive around the island and site see, we would be only one of like 5 cars on the road (with in eye site). The speed limit here is 25mph so you can take your time while driving along Ocean Ave. it's like taking a leisurely Sunday drive to no where in particular. They have several very nice playgrounds on the island between Ocean and Atlantic Ave. we stopped to let the kids play at two of them.

The kids built their first official sand castles today. We call them official because building a sand castle in a playground sandbox and on an actually beach are two totally different experiences.

After an afternoon at the beach, we went for lunch on the boardwalk and then walked all the way to the north end where the beach begins to have some really nice sand dunes. We took some family photos here before returning to our condo.

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