Saturday, September 11, 2010

Down at the Jersey Shore Wildwood NJ Day1

Greetings every one from Wildwood, NJ. Today is day number one of our family vacation. We made it here after driving 4 hours from Harrisburg, PA. My kids went in the ocean today for the first time. I was so happy to be able to get them here after years of planning to take them to the beach.

When Paul and I got married we took our honeymoon down in Atlantic city, worst idea ever. It was mid march, so it was windy and freezing, you couldn't go in the water, and most of the boardwalk was not yet open for the season. The only thing to do was go into the casinos, which are open all year round, but if you have kids you can't do that either. I didn't miss out on anything though, I don't gamble and it wouldn't have interested me, but it was annoying being stopped by casino security and being redirected every where we tried to go inside one. My eldest was 2 and my youngest 6mo. at the time so they didn't remember anything about it. So this trip is their first official time at the beach.

The weather down here is very cool today, but not cold. It's about 70 degrees with clear skies, and the boardwalk surprisingly is not overly crowded. It's the last day of biker week, the noise is unbelievable. One the way in there were bikers every where, I've never seen so many, or heard so many, it's like a being surrounded by pack of roaring lions. We rented this huge mini-van, a Chrysler Town and Country, it was my first time driving one, so I was afraid I would run over these guys on their bikes if I wasn't careful, but thankfully there was no incidents.

The place we are staying in is actually quite nice, we rented a condo just 1.5 blocks from the boardwalk. The walls are painted with bright colors, and I love bright colors. The dinning/living room is banana yellow and the kitchen is sherbet makes me feel like I'm in Florida instead of NJ. We even have a pool table, which the kids are taking full advantage of. Some of the down sides are that allot of the other condos are rented to bikers, which is not a bad thing, but the condo has it's own parking grauge on the first floor of the building for all the renters, and when the bikers start their rides us it shakes the whole floor like a mini earthquake. In fact that's what I though it was the first time I felt it, took me awhile to figure out what it really was.

After the kids played in the ocean, we ate at a pizza place on the boardwalk, were the slices were huge, twice the size of the ones back home, I'm not kidding. Then we played some arcade games and my sister and Tyler joined forces to complete this game where you play a thief and have to make your way through a laser maze. The object was to make it down this dark hallway of green lasers with out touching any and beat the clock, like a high security system in a museum. It wasn't really worth the $6 per person price, since it only lasted under 2 minutes to complete.

I'm missing all our pets though, we had to leave all of our Pomeranians with friend's and family. We had a mini scare this morning, when we received a phone call from a YWCA saying they had our dog Bu. Apparently he had run away from our friend whens he took him to the park, they spent the whole night looking for him. I'm glad to say he was safely returned to our friend, who was so nice enough to watch him for us. I hope he doesn't give her too much more trouble, we are glad everything worked out.

We are looking forward to the rest of our week here and I hope I'll have more to share tomorrow. And while we are away we are running a giveaway of a pair of really nice earrings for the fall. You can find the details in our previous posting, which should appear below this one. Our giveaway is being hosted by our friends at The Hand Me Down House, while we are away, so visit their blog for details on how to enter this fabous give away.

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