Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Bird Update Day 3

Our little wild bird, affectionately named Squeaky by our kids, is thriving and doing well.  He makes allot of  little squeaks and chirps, through out the day, and when you open his cage door to feed him he sings, it's so cute.

He has become quite the little escape artist. He has been hopping around his cage flapping is wings yesterday and today. When we open the lid to feed him he some times jumps out. Yesterday I was in the living room and could hear his normal chirping for food, when my sister went into the kitchen she saw Squeaky standing on top of his cage chirping away waiting to be fed.

We've been taking him out every evening to see if he's ready to fly away yet. We set his cage on the ground and take the lid off and wait. Yesterday he hopped on his nest, then onto the cage rim, then onto my shoe and looked at me, then he hopped onto my leg and sat there for a second. I though this was so cute until he crapped on my leg, then hopped away across the porch. I guess that's the thanks I get for around the clock care over the past 3 days, lol.

Mostly when he's outside he likes to hop around the yard and explore or let us hold him in our hands. The boys were so excited when they hold him in their hands, they never though they would ever be able to do that with a wild bird. I took lots of photos of this experience because I hope it's one they will have fond memories of when they are older.

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  1. haha, besides the poop he is so adorable! Go Squeaky!