Sunday, September 5, 2010

My First YouTube Video!

Hello dear friends! Today I just posted my very first YouTube video. I have long been a Stargate fan and am a huge fan of Stargate Universe. My favorite character is Doctor Nickolas Rush. I posted this video on YouTube today, but unfortunately it was only afterwards did I learn that I could not use the sound track I designed it around, so if you see it there I left instructions on how to download the soundtrack to go with it. But hopefully it should run here just fine. Here it is, I've put the storey line down below, you may want to read it first. Thanks. Nicole

Doctor Rush has an endless amount of "good advice" for Chloe on any given day aboard the Destiny. Rush has deep feelings for her, but has difficulty expressing them. So instead he advises her to stay away from Lt. Scott, telling her that he knows what is best for her and that Scott is not right for her.

Chloe has no idea about how Rush feels for her so she takes his criticism as hurtful and resents him for it. Chloe seems very meek towards Rush in the beginning, but inside she just wants to scream at him.

Meanwhile the whole ship has to put up with Rushes "King" like behavior as he lets them all know once again that he is their best hope for a return ticket home.

The pressure she has been feeling from Doctor Rush lately, has been causing Chloe to have nightmares that she is drowning. She is beginning to get fed up with Rush and his "good advice" and the way he is trying to control her. She begins to realize that it is not herself who is "lost" it is Rush, and that no matter how many plans he has for her and the way she should live her life, he is not in charge of her and never will be.

So Chloe begins to see Lt. Scott behind Rushes back. When he finds out through the ships surveillance systems, he is crushed. He feels he is loosing her.

Later jealousy drives Rush to convince Chloe's father to sacrifice himself to save the ship. Rush is the one to seal the door at the push of a button from the control room. Chloe finds out about this plot and is too late to save her father.

Afterwards Rush deeply regrets what he has done after seeing the pain it has caused Chloe. He goes to apologize to her, and tell her of his part in it, but she has already found out and is out to teach Rush a lesson.

After pulling off a really convincing prank on Rush and scaring him out of his mind. The whole ship is now laughing at Rush behind his back he is now the "King of Fools".

Rush realized that he has now lost Chloe forever and this saddens him a great deal. He has played the game and lost to Lt. Scott. But now that Chloe finally has what she wants with out Rushes interference, she begins to realize that it is not what she thought and that Rush was really who she wanted all along. So she goes to surprises him one day and confess her love for him.


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