Saturday, September 25, 2010

Adventures in Puppy Rearing

We have recently been blessed with three little wiggly bundles of joy. Our girl Cinny had puppies last week on my husbands birthday, while we were away on our trip to Wildwood, NJ. We received a call from my Aunt who was watching her for us, on the day before we were to return home, to tell us she came home from work and there they were.

We knew that she was expecting, but not before all of our vacation plans had already been paid for. So we had to leave her with family, which I was so worried about because we did not know her due date, but Cinny did so well under the circumstances. Thankfully this was not her first litter, so she knew what to do. Her first litter was about this time last year. I enjoyed watching the puppies be born. I had read up on how to help her during the delivery. I was felt a little sad that I could not be there with her to help her with this litter, but she handled it like a pro, I'm so proud of her.

 In our last litter we had 3 boys and named them Blondie, Brownie and Blackie, because of their colors. This time we have 2 boys and I am excited to say a girl. They all look so similar that we are having trouble picking out names for them this time.

They are currently 10 days old today, they have been able to move around by crawling since the day they were born. They cannot see or hear yet, both their eyes and ears are sealed closed. They should begin to start seeing any time now, that typically starts to happen about 10 days in, through I think it took a full 2 weeks our last litter. Their eyes begin to open a little at a time and they do look a little blue when you first see them. Their hearing will soon follow after they are able to see. Right now they make all kids of cute little squeaks and yips.

 Two of the puppies are like twins, they are both a light brown color like their mom. One of them is a boy and the other the girl, other than that you really can only tell them apart by their size. The boy is the largest in the litter and the girl the smallest. The other boy is a beautiful white color with cream highlights. This is him yawing. He is so cute. His coloring reminds me of an Apache painted horse, so I was thinking of calling him Apache, but I just though of it this morning, so it's still up in the air.
Here he is cuddled next to his bother, you can see the color difference. All the puppies have a white blaze on their foreheads, some thing their parents do not have, I thought that was interesting.

This one is the little girl, the name Nala, comes to mind when I see her, but I don't think I want to call her that. She looks just like her big brother. She is the smallest of the 3, but we are weighing them all regularly and she is gaining weight.

I would love to get some feedback from our readers on possible name choices. If I get enough names maybe I'll do a poll and put it to a vote. I intend to post more photos of them as they grow.

Thank you for stopping by to read our blogs and as always we love to get comments and feedback from our readers.