Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Creating a Simple Leaf and Ribbion Cascade for Fall

Today I'm going to show you how to make a really easy Fall leaf and ribbion cascade that you can attach to any hanging light in your house. This project is very budget friendly and  takes only a few short minutes to do and can really add allot of warmth and visual interest over your dinning room table.

The supplies you will need can be found at a local craft store. You will need 1 or more small spools of ribbion. You can choose any color of ribbion you like, but this looks best if you choose more than one. I have chosen to use a chocolate brown and pumpkin orange. You will also need a packet of loose faux fall leaves and a stapler.

Cut the ribbion into strips of 24" long. For a layered look you may cut ribbons into 2 or more different lengths.

Next lay out your leaves over the ribbion and arrange them so that the leaves are at an angle so they look like they are falling.

Next put one staple in each leaf, and staple it to the ribbion.

Then tie each ribbion onto an arm of you light fixture. I put one on each arm, but you can add as many ribbons as you like and even vary the lengths for a more layered look, you can even ad beads in between each leaf on the ribbion if you like. I added two mini bird cages as a focal point. This is the perfect project to get creative with and really put your own spin on it.


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  1. Fun! I think I might use that in my preschool class. The kids would love that hanging from the ceiling!!