Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Decorating your front door and Stairs for Fall

This is a project I tackled last night, I wanted to bring a little of that autumn warmth inside.

Wrapping our stair banisters has become a family tradition every year around Christmas. We would wrap them in shinny Christmas garland, some times we use green and other years red and white to look like candy canes. Then we would wind either multi colored or white Christmas lights on top of them.

This is the our first time wrapping the stairs for fall. I used some of the bright leaf garland you can find at any craft store this time of year, then added the orange Halloween lights on top.

We turn them on each evening and it instantly changes the mood of the whole house. They also provide a warm welcome for friends and family to see as soon as they walk into your home.

Be sure not to neglect your front door this Holiday Season, send a warm and inviting message to all who pass by. After all isn't this the time of year when we want to spread that warmth and joy we feel to others.

We added the same leaf garland around our front door outside along with the orange lights. I love to just stand out side and look at it. If I didn't already live here I would want to be welcomed in. It just makes you feel warm looking at the lights on a cold night.

We bought two hay bails, mums, and pumpkins from a local farmers market. We also buy plenty of long neck pumpkins while were there for our home made pumpkin pies.We leave them out side in the cold to keep them fresh, every weekend we'll just step outside and grab one to bake a fresh pie.



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