Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wildwood, NJ Day 2- Rainy Day Adventures

Today was a rainy day here at the beach, which is always a disappointment when your on any vacation. My kids were horrified this morning when they stepped out on the balcony and saw it was raining. Right away I started thinking what I was going to do with the kids for fun, so as not to waist this day. I thought we could see a movie, I heard there was a theater right on the boardwalk just a block or two away, but they weren't playing a single kid appropriate film, then I found an indoor water park at the Montego Bay Hotel, but after visiting their site, the photos showed it to be just a large swimming pool, and a spiral slide, not very impressive. Then I remembered there was a small aquarium on the boardwalk as well, but after researching, I found several reviews online that said it was nothing more then an exotic pet shop with tropical fish.

So after all my planning bubbles popped, and I thought this day was going to be a wash, the rain stopped. We decided to chance going up to the boardwalk, luckily for us it may have been cloudy and cold, but it didn't rain any more the rest of the day. We ventured down to the Morey's Pier, there are three on the boardwalk, all with the same name, we went the the center one today that held their water park. We heard there was a cool attraction down there called the Ghost Ship, it was a walk through haunted house. On the way down, we got to see a parade of motorcycles ride past us on the boardwalk. Today was the last day of bike week in Wildwood and this was kid of their farewell parade.

The rides on the pier were highly enjoyable, the kids loved them, the tickets aren't cheep though, it costs us $50 for 57 tickets, I wasn't willing to spend any more then that. Unfortunately we learned that today was the last day for their water park for the season, and it was closed, due to the rain. This was yet another disappointment added to our day. And to top it off after buying our tickets we also learned that the pier would be closing early today, at 3pm. This gave us an hour and a half to spend our tickets, I guess the ticket teller didn't feel the need to mention this. We skipped the Ghost ship though, it turned out not to be appropriate for children under 10, my kids were nervous just looking at the thing. Korbin didn't want to get near it, they were playing this loud sound track of spooky music and screams. My husband and I thought it looked like a good time, but I wasn't going to spend the 12 tickets per person to go in it.

We made our way down onto the beach where we found several tidal pools. The kids enjoyed running through these and found several exciting finds. Including seeing their first jelly fish and a few small crabs.

This was the first time we found a large amount of fully intact sea shells, the beach is mostly covered with broken up bits of them, you have to really watch that you don't step on them as not to cut your foot.
For lunch we found a place that served fresh lobster bisque and New England Clam Chowder Soup. It was so good to have a hot cup of soup on a cold day. We tried some of their jumbo peal and eat ship which was just as delicious. We finished up the day just strolling down the board walk, enjoying fudge, and salt water taffy along the way.

When we reached the end we got a ride back to our condo where we discovered a little problem. They room key to our apartment was not the same key that opened the door to let you into the apartment complex! We had to wait for a friend of the owner to come and let us in. I amused the kids by walking around the block taking photos of Domo, a little stuffed animal that Korbin won for Tyler earlier today. We called it "The Many Adventures of Domo, Part 1". We went around the block and the boys took turns finding creative or funny spots to place Domo and we would snap his picture and say what he was up to. They found this quite amusing, and after we finally got back to the room and settled inside, I showed Tyler how to use the Windows Movie Maker on my computer. He learned it very fast and put the photos in the order he wanted and chose the transitions for between them, all by him self. Putting together a photo slide is much easier then video clips. He wanted it to go up on YouTube, but I'm not to sure about that yet, so I've decided to post it here for Domo's first debut. The kids had such a good time finding spots to take his picture and putting together the slide show, that I don't doubt there will be more Adventures with Domo posted here in the future. Hope you enjoy the show.

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