Friday, March 18, 2011

Refining the Moment blog feature!

It's always great to be able to do the thing you love the most. It's alittle sweeter when someone gives a compliment and nothing is more of a compliment and an honor then being featured on a blog. Bloggers today are thought of as the up and comming source for all things news, fashion, and resource wise. Bloggers are being depended on more and more to give their unique views on a variety of subjects and today we're very happy to announce the blogger Marry of Refining the Moment has taken her time and passion and given Shamble Ramble a bit of spot light.

In the past Mary has done Friday favorites, where she details to her readers her favorite items ( ). Now looking to get back into the habit of making Fridays once again the favorite day Marry has come up with a blossom theme treat to get her readers thinking if not just excited about spring.

Warm weather, flowers in bloom, and clear skies are just a few of my favorite things of spring. Also getting back out to market is another. We love going to various flea markets around our area sometimes to sell, other times to browse and buy. The walking is not only good, but the person to person interaction is what me and my sister love most. Being cooped up in wintry PA there isn't too much face time one can give when it's blistering cold so the spring and summer months are long awaited treat so we can get back to interconnecting with those around us.

So our dear readers and new to the our blog seeres please take a moment to stop in and see Mary's blog at: and check out her post to discover what other fun favs she has to offer!


  1. Thanks for the blog mention! I love finding creative small business owners like myself and it is always a treat to feature their products!