Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We're back!

( To see more of our jewelry works go HERE )

Wow finally starting to recover from the New Kingston craft fair lots of people and a 4am wake up call with 3 hours of sleep really knocked me into hibernation for abit! To boot we also attended a costume party later that day and we were sewing for 3 days straight on a last minute design! I'll be posting more on how that went later this week! We're also now uploading some of our latest designs made for the New Kingstown show up onto the site. Like this amazing pirate Captain's choker. We've also added a new section only for the Christmas/new year its called: Holiday Gifts there customers will be able to find in one place suggested gifts from our site. This area of course will only have small selection of items so be sure to browse our whole site for more great items!

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