Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vintage Buttion Jewelry and Chatting it Up

Every now and then I get this little nagging feeling about what to make next. It's like a tiny little poke or nudge that says " what don't you try this or that". I usually ignore it for awhile because I'm too busy to give it some of my time, but like all nagging feelings, they just grow and grow. And that's how I get some of my good ideas, so the idea I got this week that I can no longer ignore is vintage button jewelry.

I have a bowl of mother of pearl vintage buttons in my studio that I found at a local flea market. They were my first purchase of vintage buttons ever and I have always wondered what I should do with them. I hear that allot of other artists and crafters randomly buy "stuff" or even "junk" and never know what they will do with it at the time, but have that "I'm sure I can do something with this" feeling. It's comforting to know I'm not alone in that, because I have allot of "stuff".

So hopefully soon, I will be able to introduce some cute vintage button jewelry to our Etsy store.

I've also been chatting allot lately on Etsy. It will soon be a year since my sister and I started our shop and I really haven't explored or utilized Etsys resources as much as I should have. I have been talking to some really nice and creative people lately. It's nice to feel more connected to other artists. I've had some positive responses to our shop lately, which I felt I really needed to hear. I know all business have to start some were, but some times I worry if our shop will find it's footing and really take off. It's encouraging to hear positive feed back and it kind of renews my drive and determination too.

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