Monday, November 8, 2010

Flea Market Find - Put Together A Primitive Window Display For Under $20

I wanted to create the feel of a handmade holiday in our home this year. So besides the big projects, I'm also focusing on some little projects that are simple and inexpensive to make.

This project come together after one very successful trip our local flea market last week.

There I found some great deals, an old wooden window frame for $5 and an old style shelf with peg hooks for $2. I got them from two different vendors, so I couldn't believe how well they went together when I put them up on the wall.

The week before I went to flea market, I found 2 pewter candle holders at the salvation army for 50 cents each.

They go perfect with this display. After putting it all up, I wanted to jazz it up a bit so after another quick trip to the craft store I bought a small $3 wreath, a spool of red gingham ribbion, a rust colored star ornament for $1, and a set of 20 white x-mas lights for $1.99.

I wrapped the wreath with the lights, tied 6 red gingham bows and attached them with some wire I had at home. Then cut a long strip of ribbion to dangle the whole wreath from, and then in a matter of minutes, instant home made holiday project.

The other items I decided to add I picked up either at the craft store or Walmart. If I exclude the FAMILY sign that cost me $9 at Walmart, I would say this whole display only cost me under $20 to put together. Now that's a  homemade holiday project that won't break your budget if ever I saw one.

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  1. What a find from 2 vendors...they match perfectly!